3rd year, Shenkar.

A trailer that I made for the ‘Atlas’ font. Atlas was designed by the typography company, "Alef Alef Alef”. Since the font is described as “well designed for both print and screen”, I decided to incorporate a print look and feel to the design. Furthermore, I invented a backstory to evoke a sense of a real-life situations in which the font is being used.

Music by Muse.

A Book is a Frame

Typography and Book Design Course

3rd year, Shenkar

Inspired by the cinematic montage, I designed a soft covered book which deconstructs and reconstruct themes and ideas. While referring to the art of film making, the design synthesizes new ideas from the elements placed on the page.

This project is dedicated to Ilan Tzarfati

The Pizza Project

Branding Course

3rd year, Shenkar

Pizza branding inspired by the digital era made for 3rd year branding course. Your toppings become the design and you can order as many as you want - indulge and binge something.

NationLab Showreel

2nd year, honors course

Design, editing and curation of NationLab showreel.

NationLab is a research-based initiative in collaboration with Wharton’s “Best Countries” study. The aim of NationLab is to show how design is a vital tool in understanding the way we perceive a nation, and how it chooses to be branded. 

After He Loved

Film Editing

A short film by Oshri Zeituni that I edited.

Ron Baltuch
Tel Aviv